I believe strongly in transparency. I don't ever want to be accused of hiding my true intentions because my intentions are foremost for the well being of our students and school staff. I feel the weight of responsibly and enormous trust given to me and because of that, I will always be upfront and honest about the decisions I made these past four years and if re-elected, the next four. I am always willing explain my thoughts and I try my best to walk through any problems with those who present those problems to me.  


Another part of being transparent is communication. There are a lot of people who assume I feel one way or another, based on their own bias. I fully encourage communication, whether it's a phone call or email, or a face-to-face conversation. I want to know how the public feels about what's going on in our schools, so I can take the necessary steps to help address those concerns. 


I always do my best to follow through with what I stand for, and for example, during the last election one of my platforms was the transparency of the BOE finances. I pushed for a link on the website to be provided that listed where the taxpayer money was being used. Since my election, that link has been provided and is easily accessible to all, located under the treasury section of the BOE website. 



We are all equal and need to be treated as such. Parents and teachers have shared they feel as if certain people and schools do not get treated the same as others.  Some schools appear to receive perks and funding, while others are passed over year after year. There should never be any cloak-and-dagger games going on with the decisions made for our schools. If we have the best interests of our students and staff in our schools, then the decisions made should never be influenced by who has donated the most money, or has the highest social standing in our community. 



I know first hand as a former Police office and Prevention Resource Officer how important it is to have Law Enforcement in the schools. The world is rapidly changing and we are fooling ourselves to think a violent act would never happen here.  Until the past few years, there was never a school shooting at a school with an officer present because the shooter knew someone would be there to stop them. I am pushing to have a P.R.O. in every one of our schools or a retired police officer. When we value our children, we protect our children. I don't want a preventable, un-thinkable tragedy happen in our schools on my watch. I am also going to push to train select school personnel and teachers with Non-Lethal weapons.  



Drugs have taken over our county. 80% of babies born in Harrison County are born drug addicted according to the staff at United Hospital Center, and those children are entering our school system. Being born addicted to drugs alters the brain chemistry of those children, which can cause life-long social, intellectual, and emotional damage. These issues are being brought into the classroom, which disrupts the day-to-day operations of the school day, which is another weight of responsibility added on top of the enormous requirements of our teachers. We need more drug prevention programs within our schools. If we don't reach these students while they are young, they may grow up to continue the cycle. We need to do all we can to give our students the best life they can live and keeping them drug free can make all the difference. 



As a former police officer I am held to a different standard.  I am held responsible for my actions.  I have to follow the law.  Everything is black and white.  I want it to be the same within the schools.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Everyone, including the board, needs to follow the policies already put in place. I strive to be a board member who can be trusted to make the best decision possible.