Bringing the school and community together.  

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The following is a idea that was presented in 2013 to local city councils and the Harrison County Mayors meeting called Community Hands.  Created by Jimmy Compton, Emily Daugherty, and Michael Daugherty.

On August 12, 2013,the Harrison County Drug Awareness and Prevention Program (otherwise known as HC-DAPP) was introduced at the Bridgeport City Council meeting.  This group is made up of individuals from all areas of Harrison County. Representatives from Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Shinnston, and State Delegates, along with other Harrison County officials are banding together to fight the rising drug problem in Harrison County.   The HC-DAPP has asked the people in our communities to help fight this rising and dangerous problem by asking for ideas on how to fight and prevent drugs from taking over our county.

Community Hands is an idea that we believe will grow into a preventative solution to the drug problem in Harrison County. We believe that with your help and support, we can take back our communities!  We would love for your business to partner with us and make a difference in the lives of the students in your area. These students are the leaders and workers of the future and if we can involve the students in a program that will be a positive influence, we are giving them a firm foundation on which to build their lives. We expect this program to foster self-confidence, a solid work ethic, and a positive outlook on what they can expect from their adult lives.

Unfortunately, a lot of students learn their bad behavior from unhealthy environments.  What we strive to bring is the positive, encouraging influences that can change the course of a students life forever.  We hope these students are not influenced by the bad choices of their peers and learn to take a stand on their own and become an upstanding citizen. Community Cares is not a quick fix, but a long-term solution to the drug problem in our communities. As a result these students become adults with their path directed toward the higher goals of a good career, family, and self-improvement.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We care deeply about the lives of our area students and only wish to improve their chances of a life worth living. The article stating the intentions of the HC-DAPP is on Connect-Bridgeport’s website and was posted on August 12, 2013 and is titled “City, County, State Officials Show Unity as New Drug Program to Battle Drugs Announced”.

Community Hands:  

“Know our kids, Know our communities”

Mission statement: “ To take back our communities and keep students off of drugs and create positive influences.”

How we plan on accomplishing our mission:

We plan on accomplishing or mission by giving students an after school and summer program to be involved with that will assist with homework, and give opportunities to learn practical skills, and have fun in a safe, encouraging environment.

How the program works:

Each weekday for two hours after school, the program is available for students. They would meet at a designated location for their school area. Homework is first priority. If a student needs help with any homework, there will be tutors available to assist where needed.  After the homework is finished there are activities and internships at local businesses available for the students.

How can you as a business owner get involved?

Along with the after school tutoring and activities, we would like to offer internships at local businesses. The student would choose the area they are most interested in learning about and would volunteer their time for the two hours after school at that business. The goal of the internships is that the students would learn what is required to have a job, and to learn real life skills like interacting with customers and fellow workers, responsibility and accountability. If the students learn that no job is too small and to accomplish that job with excellence, then they will find that they can succeed in any area of their lives.

What is required of me, the business owner?

All we ask of the business owners, is that you are willing to mentor these students and surround them with a positive, encouraging environment for one day a week during one school semester. Show the students what is unique about your place of business, what your daily duties consist of, and letting them learn from you first hand. We are not asking you to pay the students, but think of their work experience as an actual internship. No job is too small. We are working to provide transportation to and from their respective schools and an after school meal for the students.

The Hand Model:

There are five fingers on a hand. Each day after school, the students can take one of the five group buses to an activity of their choice.

Bus #1 is Helping Hands. This group will focus on ways to give back to the community. Examples are, visiting the elderly at nursing homes, raking leaves, building a flower garden for the city, etc…

Bus #2 is Gearing Up. These students will focus on learning hands on skills in the automobile field. Examples: learning about detailing cars, fixing motorcycles, and learning basic car maintenance.

Bus #3 is Personal Growth. This group is about physical activities that will keep the students moving and promote a healthier lifestyle. Weight lifting, dance, and skating are just a few examples.

Bus #4 is Toolbox. These students will be able to work with their hands and learn how to build items such as furniture, shelving, etc…

Bus #5 is Out of the Box. These students will have the opportunity to learn a skill that is non-conventional. Some examples are: Fly Fishing, Candle Making, Sewing, and Art.

*Depending on the number of buses for transportation, one bus may be used to make several stops.

Now,  no matter what you think of program model we had over 28 local businesses around our community sign up in just one day of asking if this program was in place would they be interested in helping out.